Audio School


An Accredited Audio Engineering and Music Production Certificate Program

IN THE STUDIO you will develop the skills needed to succeed in the professional world of audio engineering, recording, mixing, mastering and music production.
The program offers a unique combination of private instructions and ‘hands-on’ experience in a state-of- the-art studio.
You will study our exclusive curriculum, complete your internship and develop your portfolio during the program.
Build your connections and attend a school near the heart of the entertainment industry.

Discover the secrets of the pros, work one-on-one with a professional, shadow ‘live’ recording sessions and produce your own project with a professional.
Not only is our school the best preparation for success as a professional audio engineer, but the most affordable as well. Whether you are pursuing a career as an
audio engineer and music producer, or want to improve your expertise— IN THE STUDIO is the place for you!

The OC Recording School and its curriculum are recognized and accredited by The National Private School Association Group (NPSAG)

Accredited Audio School

Program Includes:

Our Exclusive Textbook -- IN THE STUDIO by Asaf Fulks | Avid Pro Tools 11 | Avid Solo Interface | Pro Tools 101 |  Modern Recording Techniques
NI Maschine Mikro + Software | Waves Audio Certification and Plugins | 20 One-hour Private Lessons with Asaf Fulks | 20 Two-hour Sessions with a Private Tutor
Ilok 2 | Shadow "Live" Studio Sessions | Build your portfolio and complete your internship during the program | Certificate Program Accredited by NPSAG

Lessons Include:

The Engineer, Producer & The Music Business | Sound & Music Theory | Analog and Digital Audio | Microphones | Advanced Microphone Technique
Acoustics | Monitoring | Studio Design | Soldering | Patchbays | Synths | Studio Equipment | MIDI | Music Production | Equalization | Compression
Time Based FX | Tuning | Waves Certification Program | Pro Tools: Introduction, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering & Video Post Production

Genres Include:

Top 40 | Pop | Hip Hop | R&B | Electronic | Dance | EDM | Dubstep | Trap | Rock | Reggae | Acoustic | Jazz
Singer Songwriter | Latin | Blues | Country | Voice Overs | Vocals | Sound Design | Film Scores | Foley | ADR


Studio Equipment Include:

Avid Pro Tools HD 11 | Sony C-800G | Neve 1073 | Neumann U87 | Avalon | SSL | API | Tube Tech CL1B | Manley Variable Mu | NS-10's | Royer R121
Waves Mercury Bundle + Studio Classics | Auto Tune | Melodyne | Crane Song | Vocalign | Altiverb | Eventide | Soundtoys | Lexicon | Reason | Ableton
Native Instruments Maschine Studio 2 | NI Traktor S4 MKII | NI Komplete Ultimate 9 | REFX Nexus | Omnisphere | Trilian | Arturia | Access Virus TI | Akai
DW 5 Piece Maple Drumkit | Zildjian Custom A Cymbals | Gibson Les Paul Studio | Fender Precision Bass USA | Martin Acoustic | Fender Hot Rod Deviile

Course enrollment is limited.
Tuition is $7000.
Contact us with any questions or to setup an interview.

Music Producer School
Audio Engineer and Music Producer School

Pro Tools SchoolWaves Audio Certification

Asaf Fulks, Eric SheffiedOC Recording School Studio B

The OC Recording Studio, Eric Sheffield, Ralph JacobsAsaf Fulks, Matt Allenn, The OC Recording School

Asaf Fulks, The Oc Recording School, DW Drums, MicingFender Hot Rod Deville, Royer R121, Neumann u87, Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM57, OC Recording School, Micing TechniquesAsaf Fulks, OC Recording School, Analog Gear, Compression, EQ, Avalon, Neve, SSL, API, Tube Tech, Manley

Cable Soldering, Eric Sheffield, Ralph Jacobs, OC Recording SchoolNeumann U87, The OC Recording School, Anton Emmerton, Ryan Salhus

Anton Emmerton, Stereo Micing, Neumann, The OC Recording SchoolThe OC Recording Schoool, Asaf Fulks, Eric Sheffield, Wayne Henderson

audio school, Orange County, CaliforniaAudio Engineering and Music Production School

Best Recording School, Orange County, CARecording, mixing, mastering, school

“Asaf you are a True Pro!” —Judge Jim Gray

“I was looking for an audio school to jumpstart my career in sound engineering, but
all the schools I found didn’t fit into my budget and time. The OC Recording School
did! Since my first informal meeting with Asaf, I knew this was the place for me. Asaf
is a master at what he does. The OC Recording School has three studios and all the
gear you need to make Pro quality music. The “hands on” lessons with Eric Sheffield
were super fun and extraordinarily productive. The textbook is straight to the point. I
couldn’t have been happier with the results from the program and my audio career
is on track to take off. All I can say is ‘Thank You’ OC Recording School and Asaf Fulks
for providing me all the tools to start and advance in my career.”
—Carlos Almeida, Jr., Blizzard Entertainment Sound Department

"In pursuing my goal of becoming a Certified Audio Engineer, I had the pleasure of
being mentored by Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording School. Asaf is THE top Producer/
Engineer in Orange County and an excellent instructor. With his hands-on approach
to educating I was working the boards, mixing and mastering in no time. I also got to
work with numerous recording artists and even worked on a movie score. If you are
pursuing a career in the music industry as a recording engineer, there is no better
place than with Asaf Fulks at The OC Recording Company.”
—Aaron C. Bailey aka "Sonik Earz", Former Student

"Asaf Fulks is a master of his craft and the best teacher I have ever had.
If you are a musician looking for top quality recording this is the place to go.
If you are a student interested in learning the art of audio engineering and music production
it doesn't get better than In the Studio with Asaf Fulks/ The OC Recording Company."
—Chandler Gregory, Former Student

"This is not only a great studio, It is also a very hands on and personal learning experience.
If you have any interest in learning a little or an extravagant amount about music, this is the place to.
With Eric (Shef)field cooking up beats and Asaf Fulks mastering and mixing you are guaranteed to have a terrific experience.
You should also stay on the look out for Aj and Cody both show a cumulative amount of talent and creativity!
After going to multiple different studios, OC Recording is hands down the Best Studio in Southern California!"
—Joshua Plows, Former Student

"The OC Recording School has a very professional atmosphere, yet it is very relaxed and home like at the same time.
Asaf is great at what he does and so is the rest of the staff over at OC recording!
Asaf made the lessons easily
understandable by showing me how to do the lesson hands on. He made learning the ropes easy!
I'll always value the skills I learned at OC Recording and they'll help me in my future career
—Matthew Hollis, Former Student | (323) 244-9794 | 3100 W. Warner Ave. Suite 7, Santa Ana, CA, 92704 | Text / Images / Sound 2014 The OC Recording Company / Respective Owners
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